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Peter and Nolan's 1000 Mile Canoe Adventure  to Cure Diabetes

This is the Blog of Peter and Nolan on their 69 day canoe adventure, covering over 1000 miles of rivers. The trip was organized as an official charity fundraiser to benefit the American Diabetes Association. Click "FOLLOW THE ADVENTURE" to see pictures, progress, and amazing stories.

The Accomplishments
  • Raised $10,700 for the American Diabetes Association. 
  • Completed the 1000 mile route in 69 days.
  • Launch date: June 25th, 2014
  • No GPS, no hotels, no motors
  •  Navigation by map and compass only.
  • All distance covered by canoe, or portaging by foot. 
  • All nights spent camping 
The Cause 
     Pete and Nolan's fathers are both type I diabetics, and they have seen the challenges their fathers face in order to maintain life on a daily basis. Type 1 diabetes is a genetic, lifelong (chronic) disease in which there are high levels of sugar (glucose) in the blood. Peter and Nolan's fathers have had to live their entire lives manually adjusting their sugar levels by taking insulin by syringe or pump. If left untreated for even one day, they could go into a seizure or diabetic coma resulting in death within hours. 
      Seeing the challenge of their father lives on a daily basis, just to stay alive, Peter and Nolan have created their own challenge; to raise money for the cure. 

All money raised went directly to the American Diabetes Association.

Please share our story with friend, families, or those of interest. Thanks for your support =)


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