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Wednesday, August 27, 2014


There are many assets that make a good person. Being a good person is not about perfection, but a display of dignity and giving of respect. Numbers, dollars, status, and processions are insignificant in terms of value. Using such symbols is like measuring a liquid in inches. What really makes a true human being is his or her ability to live with themselves and their fellow man. 

It's apparent the less self-absorbed we are the more worldly we become - someone who can coexist with anyone, not just someone like them, stands out admirably. Having an eloquent presentation can be initially impressive. Although this has no longevity for friendship or real kindess. Instead of showing how great yourself is, try helping someone see how great they are themselves. The key is to remove our obstructions (egotism & impressions) so the true good can shine through.

I've met many people who claim their religious dedication and superiority. God bless all those with strong convictions and if it works for you to become a better person that is beautiful. Things begin to lose their merit when there is condemnation. Whether you follow Christ, Buddha, Muhammad, Krishna, or any other Deity, you have that right without ridicule. Patriotism is stong in the south and freedom is the cornerstone which our country was founded. The true Christain or spiritual seeker is one who strives to be Christ-like, not inform people they are going to hell because they don't think the same thoughts. Christ hung with all the lepers, atheists, crooks, and homeless - maybe we have some lifestyle adjusting to do. There needs to be less talking of dogma and more living out of the teachings. 

All these qualities are assets I've seen in people on this trip. To be kind without conviction. To be tolerant and accepting when it's not the norm. To be inviting and hospitable. To live out the qualities of the saints and not stuff them down peoples throats. In my perception it is significantly more effective to teach someone by showing them rather than forcing or giving ultimatums. It's human nature to resist what is forced. If you really want change for a better world just plant the seed. The most important thing is to  step back and let it grow. You won't make the plant grow faster by pulling on its leaves.

It's better to be kind than it is to be right.
The friends you keep will save your life.

And those who know it all have no room to learn,
for their mind is closed like old cellar doors. 

It's better to listen than to do all the talking, 
it's harder to hear when your jabbering all the time.

And wise are those who question all the time, 
for their mind is open like like summer garden gates.

Sometimes we don't know it all. 
And Sometimes that's all we know. 


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