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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Out Training on the Fox River!

Trudging through the mud and rock, currents and coves, today we took a 10 mile sampler down the Fox River. We ended the paddle with a 1.5 mile portage to simulate a soon to be familiar job. Bruised shoulders and tired calves, come with the territory, but it all seems plausible at this point.

Our route included 2 dam portages, the current was moderate, wind was favorable. The only surprise we encountered was fog clouds of nats. And im not kidding, i was breathing these suckers by the hundreds, and blowing them out my nostrils by the thousands. Picked a good 55 out my teeth. They were in such a mass that the river looked like it was hazed by a fog.

Lesson #1 - Call it a day before the sun goes down.

In its entirety, still a captivating float. Nature shows its beauty and teaches us how to slow down and catch our breath. Even if there are some nats in the air.

~Posted by Pete

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