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Friday, June 27, 2014

Pete and Nolan on Wednesday just before they launched in Fontana Lake, North Carolina. They are officially on their journey. 

Our last communication was with Pete Wednesday morning when he texted his dad "we're off." 

Their plan was to reach the Fontana dam sometime today where they will portage. We hope to hear from them this weekend when they are in an area of good cell service. The GPS has not been working since Wednesday and we'll find out why when they call.

If all is going as planned, they will shove off again on the Little Tennessee River  and head toward Tallahassee. 

Will keep you all posted as we hear from them. Keep them in your prayers.

Pete's Mom
(Kris Stadalsky)


  1. Kris - thanks for the update. Ericka & I were starting to think Nolan & Pete decided to plant themselves on that little island in Fontana Lake. Tom (Nolan's Dad)

  2. My family and I met these guys at the Fontana Village campground. My son was impressed with their hammocks and I was impressed at much stuff they could fit into a canoe! We really enjoyed talking with them and are excited to follow their adventure. Best of luck in the trip and the cause!

  3. My family and I were enjoying our "Cowan Cousins Weekend" and my boyfriends 27th Birthday at my parent’s house on Watts Bar Lake in Ten Mile Tennessee when we had the wonderful opportunity to meet Pete and Nolan as they paddled by!!! We were all floating in the lake, so it was hard for them to miss us!!! We greatly enjoyed meeting them both and hearing their stories. My boyfriend Ben had canoed the Mississippi River 2 summers ago and I feel like the boys really enjoyed trading tales of their journeys lol ;) Also, it was so nice to hear about there true journey and the cause that had brought them here. I am 28 years old and have had type 1 diabetes for the past 12 years. I am so proud of what Pete and Nolan are accomplishing with this and I greatly appreciate it!!! Thank you very much and good luck!!!

    P.S. If Pete’s mom is reading this they made it thus far safe and sound and we loaded them up with Gatorades and snacks for the road ;)

    God Bless,

    Kristy Cowan and family