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Thursday, July 24, 2014


Why canoe 1000 miles?
- Freedom

But why a canoe? 
- The great lesson in patience, acceptance and tolerance. It's slow and at the mercy of Mother Nature. You move 3 mph, so yous forced into the present.

How long have you guys been canoeing? 
- About a month now

I'm sorry, I meant in your life.
- Yeah, about one month. We never canoed before this trip. We learn as we go.

Are you insane?
- Just enough. 

What will you do when you get to Mobile Bay? 
- Well, stop canoeing and eat some BBQ at Dreamland! 

How long will this trip take you? 
- 70 days, one day at a time. 

How many miles per day?
- 25 on a good one. No rush.

Your arms must be sore?
- It took our bodies about a week to acclimate. The rest is a psychological game. 

What do you guys talk about on the boat? 
- food, canoes, new trip ideas, birds, fish, wildlife, past, present, future, dreams, failures, jokes, stories, people we met, and where we are going to sleep tonight. What do you talk about on a boat? 

Any run-ins with bad people? 
- Nope, we are running this trip on good karma. 

What do you guys eat?
- yes. 

So do you stay in hotels?
- Never. Only hammocks on the banks. Or nice peoples homes. 

Favorite part of the trip?
- The solitude and amazing people we meet in between. Also the slender egrets.
And The Great Mystery

Least favorite? 
- Bugs. Headwinds. Boats with big wakes. 

Most valuable item?
- A giant sponge.

If you have any questions for the river gypsy pirates, please email. We would love to entertain your wonders.

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