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Friday, July 4, 2014

New families

As we finished up a Tellico lake, we drifted into Fort Loudon Marina in Lenoir City, home of the famous Calhouns restaurant. We hadn't even sat down and the owner came up and snapped our picture. Apparently they knew who we were. 

They entire day was spent talking and sharing stories with all the boaters and workers. What amazed Nolan and I the most was everyone's generosity and accomodations. It was made sure we were well fed, put up for the night, and driven into town to resupply our food. 

The TV stations showed up and crowded around, it was certainly a new experience and I kept telling myself to remain humble. Humility has been such a valuable asset on this adventure. So many people have taken their time and kindness to let us know they believe in what we are doing. 

And it is a reminder to take the time. Take the time to chew your food, to take a breath of fresh air, to look someone in the eyes and say hello, and thank you, and see how their day is. Take the time to laugh, and cry, and to enjoy your life. Take the time to hold the door, give someone a hand, go out if your way, change someone's day, even their life. If you don't take the time you will only look back and wonder where it went.

Thank you Kyle for the ride into town, thank you Nicole and Calhouns staff and owner for taking care of us, thank you Edwin and Jean for letting us sleep on your captains deck, and thank you everyone at Calhouns for making us feel like family.

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