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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The universe works in obvious ways

After a few wrenching days, everything we owned wet, intense storms, pletheras of chiggers and ticks, heat exhaustin, and no clean clothes - things were getting tough, but things can change in an instant. Our spirits have been revived. 

Today we arrived at the Sequoyah Lake Tellico Resort and Marina and were graciously welcomed by so many great people. The owner of the restaurant made sure we were well accommodated and hosed down with sufficent suds. 

One kind miss, Porsche, gave us a lucky 4 leaf clover she found, and another man in retirement overheard me looking for cheap sunglasses, and came out looking for us 3 miles up river to give me a spare pair that belonged to his wife whom passed last year. If that ain't love I don't know what is. So many wishes and blessings by the locals. We are truly grateful.....and camping on an island :) 

Just when you think no one is there, someone steps in. Everything we need is always taken care of, we just have to trust that power will be there for us. And it always shows up. Today was a great example of that. 

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