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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wilderness Wisdom

Outdoor goods stores sell these nice little trinkets called "bear bells." Bear bells are marketed as loud clanky bells you wear to let bears know you are present so they can retreat back into the bush. The locals out here call them "dinner bells." They essentially let the bears know supper has arrived and dinner will be served soon. 

Another expendable purchase was the "bear mace" or pepper spray intended to defend off a bear attack. A local asked us
"Do you know the difference between bear poop made of a tourist and bear poop made of a local?"
"The tourist bear poop has little bells in it and smells like pepper."

It is okay to urinate in most places in the wilderness. But doing so into the wind is still not a bright idea.

Canned food is still not good. 

Always accept a free meal.

You can never have too much sunscreen. 

Don't take your shoes off in your friends tent or hammock. It's just plain cruel. 

Before you leave on a trip split your gear into a primary and secondary pile. Leave the second pile behind. 

Falcons hate their picture taken.

Stretch it out! 

"Stay calm, paddle on" - Jeff Wadley

Trust the universe and your gut instinct.

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